About the Farid’s

Kamran and Kara Farid established their foundation in 2013. Strongly rooted in the values instilled in them by their families, both developed a deep commitment to giving back from an early age. Now a family of their own, Kamran and Kara want to instill the same values and dedication to giving back to their four children: Salma, Zairah, Azra, and Aydin.

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The Inspiration

Kamran’s mother, Salma K Farid, was pillar of stability, nurture, and hope. Even while when their own family was struggling, she always set aside money and time to give back to those of the community less fortunate. Compassion was at the core of her being, a trait she deeply instilled in Kamran and his siblings. She has been the guiding light in Kamran and Kara’s philanthropic work.


Kamran Farid

Kara Farid

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